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Womandla Foundation

Womandla Foundation is a Girls and Women led-serving organization in Zimbabwe that seeks to improve the economic well-being and quality of life of adolescent girls and women through feminist oriented innovative approaches to promote and protect their rights.
WoMandla’s Heart: Thematic areas are:

We are Girls and Women

We are led by Girls and WomenWe invest in adolescent leadership as a key part of our work. The organization consists of a diverse team with representatives from key populations and vulnerable communities. WoMandla Foundation’s projects are led by the beneficiaries, and the organization provides a platform for girls and women to share their stories and make their voices heard.

Empowering Change: The Womandla Foundation's Approach
to Advocacy and Equality

The Womandla Foundation is a dynamic feminist-oriented organization dedicated to empowering adolescent girls, women, and key populations. Its mission focuses on promoting gender equality, empowering marginalized individuals, and advocating for their rights to create a more inclusive society. Through various programs and initiatives, the foundation aims to transform lives by addressing unique challenges, promoting growth, and fostering self-determination. Central to its work is a feminist approach that challenges systemic barriers, promotes gender equality,  establish safe spaces and amplifies marginalized voices.

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