About Us

WoMandla Foundation is a woman led and serving institution. It has been designed to build and strengthen gender-interested activities and coalitions for improvements to the lives of women in Zvishavane. WoMandla seeks to ensure: POWER IN ALL WOMEN. Its mandate is to serve the community by changing the lives of women from a local level through education and informative innovative channels by creating a supportive and progressive community that has empowered and well informed adolescent girl’s and women. WoMandla seeks to achieve a Women Friendly Zvishavane and Zimbabwe as a whole.

WoMandla’s heart Thematic areas are:

1. Health- Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights;

2. Education- Second Chance Education and Rehabilitation;

3. Access to information, capacity building and knowledge sharing:

4. Responsible for Strengthening women’s leadership skills; and

5. To ensure Access to documentation and identity.

Core Values


  • Values, the core value commitment of WoMandla is the epitome of its institution and WoMandla will ensure to uphold the:

Area of Focus

  • Womandla will be operating in the Midlands region mostly in Zvishavane.
  • The rural and urban wards of Zvishavane.

Target Groups

  • WoMandla Primary target group is women, that is

However WoMandla seeks to create a women friendly community thus its not only limited to women but men as well.

Partners and Funding

  • WoMandla’s primary Partner is the

Zvishavane community.

  • WoMandla has Local, Regional and International Partners
  • WoMandla’s Funding will be from donors and well wishers

Everyone is a partner and a Funder

WoMandla Crafts

  • WoMandla will use various tools to in the community, these include but not limited to:
  1. Dialogues
  2. Trainings
  3. Mob Flashes
  4. Digital Conversations
  5. Love Letters
  6. Use of Theater
  7. Culinary classes
  8. Workshops
  9. Cultural exchange