Development of Community Advocacy Roadmap for Key Populations.


Consultancy Call: Development of Community Advocacy Roadmap for Key Populations
1.0 Background:

Womandla is a Feminist oriented organization which has been designed to build and strengthen gender-
interested activities and coalitions for improvements to the lives of girls & women in Zimbabwe. WoMandla Foundation is led by girls and women and invests in adolescent leadership as a key part of its work. The organization consists of a diverse team with representatives from key populations and vulnerable communities. WoMandla Foundation’s projects are led by the beneficiaries, and the
organization provides a platform for girls and women to share their stories and make their voices heard. We are a grantee under the Love Alliance-The Love Alliance is about us – people and our power when we
come together as communities. The Love Alliance, a five-year programme (2021-2025), is based on an
unwavering commitment to protecting, promoting and fulfilling sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) globally, unifying people who use drugs, sex workers and LGBTIQ+ movements, and amplifying the diversity of voices in these communities. We are implementing a project called For Us Girls and Women and seeking a consultant to develop a Community Advocacy Roadmap tailored for Key Populations. The roadmap should be community contextual, addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by key populations. The consultant should have a background in research and related fields to ensure a comprehensive and evidence-based approach.

2.0 Project Scope:
The consultant will be responsible for developing a Community Advocacy Roadmap that outlines
strategic advocacy initiatives to address the specific needs of key populations. The roadmap should be
actionable, inclusive, and responsive to the diverse voices within these communities. The consultant will be responsible for:

  • Conducting research to understand the unique challenges faced by Key Populations in the
  • Engaging with stakeholders and community members to gather insights and perspectives.
  • Developing a comprehensive advocacy roadmap that addresses the specific needs and priorities
    of Key Populations.
  • Ensuring the roadmap is culturally sensitive, community contextual, & inclusive of diverse voices.
  • Presenting the roadmap in a clear, actionable format with measurable outcomes.

3.0 Timeline:
The consultant is expected to complete the development of the Community Advocacy Roadmap within 10
days from the commencement of the project. This timeline is crucial to ensure timely implementation of
advocacy strategies and initiatives.

  • Application Deadline: 15 April 2024
  •  Selection of Consultant: 20 April 2024
  • Project Completion: Within 10 days from the start date


4.0 Deliverables:

  • Inception Report and workplan
  • Community Advocacy Roadmap for Key Population
  •  Monitoring , Evaluation and Learning for the roadmap

5.0 Requirements: –

Background in research, public health, social sciences, or related fields. – Demonstrated experience in community advocacy, particularly with marginalized populations. – Strong communication and facilitation skills to engage with diverse stakeholders. – Ability to work efficiently and deliver results within a 10-day timeframe.

6.0 How to Apply:
Key populations with relevant expertise are encouraged to apply by submitting:

  1.  A detailed resume highlighting relevant experience.
  2. A brief proposal outlining your approach to developing a community advocacy roadmap for Key
  3. Examples of previous work related to community advocacy or public health initiatives.
  4. Cover letter highlighting relevant experience and skills.

7.0 Contact Information:
For inquiries and submissions, please send Resume, Proposal and cover letter on 1 attachment and at
least 2 samples of previous work at and cc by 12pm CAT on 15 April 2024. We look forward to receiving proposals from qualified consultants who are passionate about advocating for the rights and well-being of Key Populations.

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