I am Esinathi Zimanyiwa, a rising star in the field of social work. Having graduated from the Women’s University in Africa’s Diploma in Social Work program, I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor of Honours Degree in the same field. I’ve been actively involved in social work through my role as a project officer with WoMandla FoundationTrust. This experience, alongside my academic journey, has solidified my passion for social justice and my desire for a career that empowers others. Driven by a need to make a positive impact, my studies equip me with the knowledge and skills to navigate complex social issues. The Women’s University in Africa, known for its focus on women’s empowerment, undoubtedly shapes my perspective. It’s no surprise that I identify as an aspiring feminist, aiming to challenge gender inequality and advocate for equal rights and opportunities. With a strong academic foundation and a commitment to social change, I am poised to become a valuable asset in the social work sector. My future holds promise for those in need, as I dedicate myself to building a more just and equitable society.