I am Molleen Manhede, a dedicated Sociology graduate passionate about social change and community development. Graduating with a degree in Sociology, I developed a deep understanding of societal structures, inequalities, injustices, and the dynamics of social change. This academic background laid the foundation for my commitment to addressing social issues and promoting inclusivity. Working with the WoMandla Foundation Trust as the Programs Manager for the past 4 years fulfilled my passion for advocating for gender equality, empowerment, and women’s rights in the community. This experience shaped my professional path and highlighted my staunchness to foster an environment that values diversity and inclusivity. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a remarkable ability to build networks, advocate for social change, and contribute to meaningful development projects. My efforts have been instrumental in advancing community welfare, promoting gender equality, and creating opportunities for underserved groups. Looking ahead, I remain committed to making a difference in the field of development work. With a strong passion for gender equality, and a drive to create positive social change, I aspire to continue shaping inclusive communities, advocating for marginalized groups, and contributing to sustainable development efforts.