Our Causes

She decides.

We see a world where every girl and woman can exercise her right to privacy, gender identity, choosing partners, pleasure, marriage, children – and integrated services covering contraception, pregnancy, abortion, infertility, STIs, HIV, cancers and violence.

We see a world where forced marriages, child marriages, female genital cutting & mutilation, and all forms of violence against women and girls are things of the past

SheDecides empowers politicians, organisations, creatives and people – especially young people – across the world to work together in new ways to create a new normal. We ignite energy and foster connections. Whether that’s between long-time activists and emerging leaders, between artists and service providers or between policy makers and thought leaders.

The evidence is clear: when She Decides about her body, the world is better, stronger and safer. Respecting her rights improves her health, life and future – and those of her family, community and society. People and Organisations become Friends of SheDecides when they sign the manifesto.

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